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Grace Yeh

Divemaster / Swim Coach

My relationship with water stretches back to 16 years ago. The first experiences were rough. In fact, I did not feel completely comfortable swimming. 

I felt too old to learn swimming. I was too embarrassed to be seen awkward in the water. I wasn’t sure if I would ever be able to swim and if I failed, I would prove myself right. Self-doubt, anxiety and worries kick in…can you relate? 

Until I said, enough of my own judgment. I want change. When the switch in my brain flicked,  I felt a moment of freedom!

Working the uncertainties have challenged me to learn more about swimming to move past my fears and become more resilient. You see, I was never ready, but I gave myself a chance to do it. 

I swam. I swam. I swam. And I felt it again and again in pools, in lakes and in the ocean…I was HOOKED! 

I see myself getting unstuck. And with it, I found my mission to help others do the same: to unlock the confident swimmer living inside of you. For you to feel comfortable and confident to achieve what you want.

Now swimming will forever be my favorite form of dance – there’s no fuller feeling than moving fluidly through the medium that brings me the most joy. 

That’s why I decided to package my skills and create this signature program. I will show you a portal to paradise and let you explore this incredible place yourself. I hold space for your fear, doubt and worries as we embark on this self-discovery. I am with you! We will lean into this discomfort and experience magic.

Grace Yeh (葉育妏) – Vancouver Divemaster / Swim Coach