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Jon Bradley

PADI Scuba Instructor / Commercial Diver

As a child, I became fascinated with the ocean. I watched Jaws at a young age, and became obsessed with learning as much as I could about the many species of shark inhabiting the seas. Growing up on the Sunshine Coast, the beach was a short walk from my childhood home and I spent many summer days jumping off the docks and pilings in Gibsons.

My Scuba career started in Australia, at 19 years old I flew to the other side of the world for my first big adventure. My in-laws had just done their Open Water course with a local dive shop, and had had a great experience. I signed up immediately. That very weekend I was in the pool taking my first breaths, and I knew I was hooked. As someone with a bit of an obsessive personality, when I decide I like something, I go all in.

I spent the next two years travelling and working around Australia, diving as much as my backpacker budget would permit. The diving around Australia is varied and overall excellent. I was thrilled by the abundance of shark species everywhere I went. I began researching places to do my Divemaster course. With Cairns on the Great Barrier Reef as my initial forefront destination, the cost of living in Australia had me searching locations in southeast Asia.

Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand won out, and I made my way to the island that certifies more divers than anywhere else in the world. With a reputation of lackluster training due to the sheer number of dive shops on the island, multiple competing agencies, and many brand new instructors, I was fortunate to land at a shop with many experienced professionals and a focus on safety. Diving almost every day for 4 months, I had a great time there and learned excellent guiding skills.

I returned to Canada after two years away determined to make diving a career I could make a living from. Commercial diving became my primary focus, due to higher salaries than recreational instruction. Completing my commercial dive training in Campbell River, I began working primarily in aquaculture. While I enjoyed being in the water so frequently again, the work quickly diminished my passion for diving and after a few years I was craving the recreational side of diving again.

Having spent years researching places to do my IDC, I landed in the Caribbean see in the bay islands of Honduras. Utila is known throughout Central America as a popular place to do your Open Water training, and there were no shortage of students and other dive professionals to interact with. Finding the vibe on the island to be akin to a calmer and smaller Koh Tao, it was perfect for me as I aged and grew out of my wild party days. I enjoyed my Instructor course and internship, and learned a great deal about working with students and overcoming the unique challenges they can present.

Now spending my time between working various jobs and teaching part time in Vancouver, and travelling, and freelance working while I can. I am excited to see where my diving career will take me next!

Jon Bradley – Vancouver PADI Instructor / Commercial Diver