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Darrin Winning

Divemaster / Tech Diver

For my first dive, I was 11 years old and in Fiji, and from day one, I was hooked on Scuba Diving! I ultimately didn’t get my OW Certification until I was 21 and due to a lack of Dive Buddies back then, didn’t really embrace diving until 2020.

I fly a lot for my day job, so diving has to be scheduled accordingly.

Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to dive in over 200 (and counting) different locations throughout North and Central America, Asia, Africa and as well as Oceanic.

During 2022, I decided to take the Divemaster journey and completed it in early 2023. I love diving in all environments (including Ice Diving). Later in 2023, I began my venture into Tec Diving!

Whether you are advanced or a beginner, I’m happy to go out for a dive with you.

Darrin Winning – Vancouver Divemaster / Tec Diver