Meetup Dives Vancouver

Grab your gear and come out for a Meetup Dive. Bring your buddy or meet new ones at MUD events.

Let’s Go Diving!

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Whether you are a total beginner or a seasoned pro, we want to dive with you.


We strive to always be 1% better every dive. Check out one of our workshops and fine tune your skills.

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Group Shore Dives

Join us for a group dive. There are some fantastic dive sites to explore around Vancouver.

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Boat Dives in Howe Sound

Boat diving in Vancouver has a lot to offer. From wildlife to wrecks to fantastic scenery, Vancouver is a world class diving destination.

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We all have different goals and favourite diving activities. Shore dives, boat dives, continuing education, photography, conservation and citizen science. Check out some of what we love to do.

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Starvin Marvin

Marvin might be the worst diver in the world, but what he lacks in ability he makes up for in enthusiasm and by being 1% better every dive. Follow along as Marvin discovers local dives sites.

The worst diver in the world

Experience Life Below the Surface

We have some of the best scuba diving in the world right here in Vancouver.

Jon Bradley

Commercial Diver

Jon Bradley hails from the Sunshine Coast. He is a commercial diver and instructor, and he has been diving for over 10 years. He is recently back from Utila, Honduras, where he studied sidemount and Tek diving.

Darrin Winning

Tec Diver

Darrin Winning’s first dive was when he was 11 years old in Fiji, and he has been hooked on scuba diving ever since. He received his Open Water certification when he was 21, and enthusiastically embraced diving in 2020. Darrin has logged dives in over 100 (and counting) different locations throughout North and Central America as well as Oceania, and in 2023 he began his venture into Tec Diving.

Grace Yeh

Swim Coach

Grace Yeh discovered scuba and freediving to be an exciting extension of her accomplishments through swimming. She loves coaching, and she has helped many people learn to swim with confidence.

Robert Boshaw

Boat Captain

Robert Boshaw achieved his Open Water certification in 2020. You can find him helping on boat charters and group shore dives in Howe Sound, and he often volunteers for cleanup dives around Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. He is a licensed small vessel Captain and he is pursuing his PADI Instructor certification in 2024.

Explore With Us

We often travel to dive destinations like Port Hardy, the Sunshine Coast, Barclay Sound, Nanaimo and Vancouver Island.

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